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How to Make a Shot Ski.

There are many people who know that a ski is just for the skiing purposes. To pastime you can choose to ski a lot. This is mainly done in the winter seasons. The temperatures are very low and after skiing majority of the people meet at a resort. This is now where you get the real shot ski. The vessel that we have for the social drinking is what we are calling a shot ski. On it there are shot glasses that have been fit and they are around three or four of them. Where any person fails to complete their drink it will fall on their face which is a big fun shame.

You can have some torture moments when you have a ski which the participants are taller. The person on the losing end will be the shortest person. The making of the ski is using the components that are very simple. As the name indicates it is made with a ski that has shot glasses. Four is mainly the most accepted number of the shots glasses being used.

Shot ski is ultimately about teamwork. It also brings about the convenience of a narrow table that you can raise to the height of your face. This means that you need to make your face to be at the same level with those of your friends. Drinking with caution is the only thing that you ought to do to ensure that you stay safe.

It is never complicated to make a shot-ski. You will need to find an old ski. There are bins in most of the town where you will get these skis being thrown. There will be a great help from this old ski. You will then need an electric drill to remove the bindings contained. This will actually depend on how great the bindings are. Where the bindings are very old it may be very hard to work it out. It will therefore in such a case have to take more steps than thought to take.

Assembling your shot glasses is the next thing that you ought to do after the binding removal. They have to be assembled at the top of the ski. For the proper distance you need to measure the ski and mark the exact places where you have to place your glasses. The next thing will be gluing them on the marked placed. The next thing you need to do is gather your friends. You now have your shot ski and you have everything you need to get the fun started. The glasses needs to be filled with a tasty concoction and after this you can now have the ski serve its purpose. Repeating this can be done as far as you are up to it. You will them worry about finishing the glass before it finishes your face.

Discovering The Truth About Merchandise

Discovering The Truth About Merchandise

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