3 Reasons Businesses Should Avoid Cheap Laser Engravers

Manufacturers have been using laser technology for decades. That means they have machines that can use light for applications like cutting and engraving. In recent years global suppliers have begun offering more affordable laser machines that are perfect for small businesses that use engraving. Many producers sell low-priced versions instead of quality machines like bosslaser products. Unfortunately, users such as artists, home business owners, and designers often find that cheaper models can have major drawbacks.

Cheap Lasers Can Produce Scorching

The process of laser engraving involves burning a surface. That produces a lot of heat and generates debris. Inexpensive machines tend to leave unsightly scorch marks in the process. Well-made machines focus a stream of compressed air in the area where the material and laser meet. That results in smooth cuts, minimal smoke deposits, and little, if any, scorching. Inexpensive machines generally do not have this important feature.

Lasers May Not Have Enough Power

Customers who are buying laser machines look for their wattage to ensure there will be enough power for every job. Sellers who provide cut-rate machines typically advertise wattage in the 50W to 100W range, and some of their machines produce even less. There are also suppliers who use figures like “1500m W” rather than “1.5W” so customers will view the larger figure as more powerful. Unfortunately, most of these machines will not work well on anything but very light materials and paper. In addition, some lasers actually produce less output than advertised, making them essentially useless.

Machines May Include Unusable Software

The software that is packaged with lasers allows users to adapt machines for multiple uses. Many customers create their designs in CAD or Adobe Illustrator, so they need software that supports their work. Quality machines include feature-rich software that is compatible with popular design programs. Inexpensive lasers often have their own simplified versions. Users either need to figure out how to work with fewer features or import their work and hope the machine will do what they want.

Laser machines are popular among small business owners who include engraving in their projects. Users get the best results when they invest in quality lasers that produce enough power for any application and do not scorch surfaces. Quality lasers also include software that is compatible with most popular design programs.