What Should Fleet Owners Know About PEAKHD?

In the US, federal regulations require all fleet truck owners to use appropriate diesel exhaust fluids. The right fluids control emissions and prevent the release of harmful toxins into the air. Fleet owners who follow the regulations avoid penalties and emissions test failures. The right product and reduction systems maintain compliant fleet trucks.

What Is In the Product?

The diesel exhaust fluid is manufactured using 1/3 synthetic animal waste products and 2/3 deionized water. Some products use real waste byproducts in their mixture.

How Often is the Fluid Used?

The federal regulations require all drivers to add at least 2.5 gallons of the exhaust fluid after traveling 800 highway miles. Newer fleet trucks have digital indicators that appear on the dashboard when more fluid is needed. The make and model of the fleet truck determine what type of indicator the vehicle has.

Add Pumps and Containers

Federal authorities recommend the installation of pumps and containers on fleet trucks. The installations make it easier for drivers to add fluid and travel with it. The truck model and size help fleet owners choose the right equipment for storing and pumping the fluids.

It Won’t Evaporate in the Heat

According to reports, the diesel exhaust fluid won’t evaporate in very hot conditions. Even if it is stored at 120 degrees, it would take years before any of the fluid evaporated. The primary concern is freezing. The fleet owner stores the fluid at temperatures above freezing to ensure regular access.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

Some fleet trucks aren’t equipped with selective catalytic reduction systems. Federal authorities recommend the installation for maintaining compliance with regulations. The systems ensure proper conversion of nitrous oxide into a water and hydrogen vapor. The safer mixture is emitted through the exhaust system, and pollution levels decrease.

In the US, federal regulations apply to trucks that are quarter-ton or larger. The regulations require owners to use specific exhaust fluids that lower nitrous oxide emissions. The federal authorities recommend equipment that makes it easier to remain compliant. Selective catalytic reduction systems are vital for proper emissions conversions. Fleet owners who want to learn more about PEAKHD can contact their preferred supplier now.